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YK Chalamcherla

Dear Community,

Welcome, I am YK! I have been committed to working hard every day to make a positive difference for people across our community. Throughout my years of service, and now as the Vice Mayor of Folsom, I have brought my experience as an entrepreneur and public servant to make Folsom somewhere to be proud of.

I am running to represent you in the State Assembly so I can bring my passion for service to the state level and focus on results driven solutions to address the homelessness crisis, improve the safety of our schools, enhance STEM education programs, increase government oversight, and ensure we build more water storage so we’re ready for future droughts.

My party affiliation is Democrat, and I am running as a Common Sense Democrat who is hard-working, easily accessible, listens to people, and fiscally responsible results with a results-driven mindset. I have been on the Folsom City Council since 2020 with a proven track record.

Oftentimes I hear, “YK is always in the community.” With that same motto, I am committed to continuing my work to make a positive difference across East Sacramento County. I very much look forward to meeting you in our community soon.


YK Chalamcherla

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