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Meet YK Chalamcherla

Portrait of YK Chalamcherla in a park

YeduKondalu (YK) was born in a teeny tiny farming village in southern India. While growing up, his parents instilled in him the importance of higher education, and YK worked hard to achieve this dream, graduating from Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. He also learned from his parents a deep sense of commitment to helping the community and to his neighbors. For YK, this has been the foundation of his approach to public service and to his entire life.

YK was fortunate enough to move to the United States in 2000 to work on computers and solve Y2K issues.  

In 2002, he and his family visited Folsom from the Bay Area to attend a friend’s birthday party. They fell in love with the town immediately and bought a home, and after finding a job in the area, relocated, where they have lived ever since. 

YK was a longtime technologist, working for the public sector throughout his life, recently, California’s statewide Medi-Cal Health Care Services. This entailed coordinating with all 58 Counties across the state to service California’s more than 14 million Medi-Cal beneficiaries. This experience gave YK an in-depth professional and personal view of the issues that Californians face and has helped inform his understanding of how the government operates and the critical need to ensure it works effectively and efficiently for taxpayers.  

Locally in Folsom, YK earned the motto “YK is always in the community” for his dedication to serving his community through volunteerism and good work. 

To name just a few, YK has served on the Folsom Parks and Recreation Commission, the Folsom Community Service Day Steering Committee, with the Folsom Schools PTA, helped organize Sober GradNight at Vista Del Lago High School, and has planted hundreds of trees throughout Folsom. He was named the “ Volunteer of the Year-2022” by the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.

In 2019, YK launched a Folsom-based IT firm. For more than ten years, he has been organizing the CA State jobs awareness workshops, sharing public-sector job opportunities, and helping others navigate the job application process and interviews. He has successfully helped hundreds of residents find jobs.

In 2020, YK was elected to the Folsom City Council, and in 2023 was selected by his peers on the Council to serve as Vice-Mayor. He adopts a “commonsense approach” in developing policies to address resident issues.    

YK has been married for 27 years to his wife, Aparna. They are blessed with two daughters, who attended local Folsom public schools, and little Dharma, a rescued Chihuahua dog.

YK is a Common Sense Democrat who is always in the community, hard-working, easily accessible, listens to people, and fiscally responsible results with a results-driven mindset. I have been on the Folsom City Council since 2020; feel free to check about work if you have a family member or friend in Folsom.

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