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YK’s Accomplishments

Fiscal Accountability

From State Service to Folsom City Council, YK has demonstrated a sound sense of stewardship for taxpayer dollars.



For the last 12 years, YK has hosted Job Fairs to help the community, as he strongly believes a stable job for every family keeps the community vibrant. He has hosted over 100 job fair events throughout the Sacramento region, and helped 1000’s of people to navigate for good jobs.

Engaging Youth and Preparing Future Leaders of America

YK firmly believes in exposing our youth to government operations, inspiring them by putting them as Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Councilmember in the City Council Chamber, and enabling their thought process to develop policies for good government. He is investing by “Providing life-changing experiences for youth” and making them great leaders of America for future generations!

Climate Change and Environment

YK engaged hundreds of volunteers in tree planting and tree maintenance, including Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in tree planning for their Gold & Eagle awards, respectively.


Investing time in rehabilitating the homeless people and engaging them by finding jobs and starting to earn money for their needs. He has also been involving the homeless in community activities and making them feel proud of themselves


YK started the Holiday Lights Festival Program:

To make the holiday season more joyful and festive, he started a City program. Encouraging the residents to light up Folsom with holiday cheer! Join us in celebrating the spirit of the holidays, decorate your home or business, and enter the Folsom Holiday Lights contest. It is a huge success, and now Folsom is attracting tens and thousands of visitors, and it is helping the local economy!